Supermarkets and Their Marketing Across Covid-19 – What Have They Done?

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen food shopping become a VERY different experience BUT what are the marketing lessons we can learn from it?

People are tending to shop more locally at smaller stores, helping the local economy. Though this is also due to slight fear in terms of social distancing and not being close to people.

Online shopping for supermarkets, the uptake for that service has been astronomical. You have to book 2 weeks in advance and know what you want for dinner in a months time!

In addition, local restaurants’ have embraced a new takeaway way of working – which is really innovative and fair play to them.


Specifically looking at supermarkets and their marketing across Covid-19 – what have they done.

  • They have tailored their store opening hours and notified everyone about this on and offline – have you?
  • They have changed their processes, contactless payment and delivery – have you?
  • They have special openings for Key Workers – the NHS, Care workers and the elderly and vulnerable – have you considered the needs of this customer segment? Could you be doing something to help them? As it would be greatly appreciated.


Supermarkets so far are reporting an uplift in sales of an extra £1.9bn for March.


They have handled the crisis well.

All supermarkets have pulled together and showed a united front. Have you been in touch with your competitors and seen what their issues are and how you can work together?

Let’s not beat around the bush it’s mainly due to the panic buying and apparently that is 10% of the population that went into a craze and bought everything. Even worse one women who over bought loo roll actually went to Sainsbury’s to get a refund a few weeks later… we buy due to how we feel. The outbreak is teaching consumers about the importance of hygiene and food safety. We as humans, it is a natural instinct, we love to feel safe and with direct mail you can make people feel something.

This week, just want you to think about how your products and services make people feel? Have a sit down, 20 minutes, jot down and think about that.

Stand OUT. Build Relationships. Grow.


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